Rushing has become part of daily life, and as a result, we’re increasingly looking for hybrid products that combine many functions in one step, such as skincare and make-up.

At Numee, we know the hectic pace of everyday life can sometimes cause you to skip a step in your beauty routine, so we’ve formulated a super-handy 2-in-1 product: the 1UP Supercombo Eye Cream. This hybrid eye cream not only provides 24-hour hydration and targets expression lines and crow’s feet, it also gives the eyes an exceptional radiance in a matter of seconds.

And you know what they say… The eyes are the window to the soul.

Shine like never before and moisturise in a single step:

Numee eye cream contains Synthetic Mica, which provides a very natural shimmer, and its single-layer composition allows light to pass through and achieve an even glow. The synthetic origin of the pigment significantly reduces the level of impurities and, most importantly, ensures a completely ethical ingredient.

This ingredient is essential to achieve that highlighter effect!

Why 1UP?

This eye cream is called 1UP Supercombo in reference to the extra life you can gain in video games, and this is exactly the effect it has on your face, increasing vitality by reducing signs of fatigue and ageing around the eyes.

Why Multi-active?

Because it contains a blend of ingredients such as Plant Collagen, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Betaine and a Peptide solution, specifically designed to care for your eye contour. This combo visibly reduces eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles in a matter of weeks, as well as brightening the area and improving skin elasticity. Furthermore, Numee eye cream is ideal for sensitive skin and contains 91% ingredients of natural origin.

User tests: if you try it, you’ll love it.

Users claimed their eye contour area looked brighter and smoother after two weeks. At 4 weeks, they found the eye cream provided a softer and smoother appearance.

As you already know, all Numee products are vegan, clean beauty and cruelty free, made for those who love their skin and the planet. Choosing our products means committing to respecting the environment and using gentle yet effective ingredients.

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