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Made in Spain

Cosmewax is a leading company in the manufacture and marketing of cosmetics for third parties from 1960.

We have two production plants located in the beautiful cities of Cádiz and Valencia, Spain.

Both sites are equipped with the most advanced technology that guarantees the highest quality products and enables us to develop, manufacture and package the widest range of cosmetics.



Our R+D+I team consists of 20 highly qualified beauty lover technicians (pharmacists, chemists, chemical engineers) and with extensive experience in the cosmetics sector and in the development and production of skin care products.

We have two Research and Development laboratories, equipped with the latest advances in technology which ensures excellent products.

We have two production facilities equipped with the most advanced infrastructure and technology to guarantee the highest quality in your products.

Our Company
Our Company

Quality Assurance

All our processes have been certified by the most demanding international management standards in the field of cosmetics manufacturing ensuring products of the highest quality:

• ISO 22716 (GMPc): Best practices in cosmetics manufacturing.

• ISO 9001: Quality Management System.

• ISO 14001: Environmental Management System.

• BRC Consumer: Consumer Products.

• IFS HPC: Manufacturing and packaging of personal care.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Cosmewax, we believe it is essential to be able to contribute to the social, economic and environmental improvement of our milieu. We work to make sustainable developments the basis of a new type of innovation and growth.

For us, values ​​such as equality, non-discrimination, transparency and commitment to training, education and promotion of good health habits are essential.

This corporate social responsibility extends to the entire team of Cosmewax.

Our Company