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Respectful Sustainable Vegan

Numee responds to the demand for skin and environmentally friendly, effective cosmetic products with results for all skin types.

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We believe that natural does not have to be at odds with innovation. That is why we create effective formulas where the most innovative science and technology unleash the potential of natural ingredients, always with respect for the environment. All our formulas are vegan, cruelty-free and a blend of the most sought-after and surprising cosmetic active ingredients.



We embrace real beauty and promote the creation of products that enhance inner and outer beauty. We are fully aware of the strong connection between physical and emotional well-being, so we are committed to helping people look at themselves from a kinder perspective.

We are not trying to change the skin, but to enhance its capacity for self-regeneration and to discover the best version of itself: a healthy, fresh and balanced skin.

We love the planet and all those who inhabit it 💚.

At Numee we love animals so all our products are vegan and, obviously, we reject any form of animal exploitation and cruelty. Not only do we not test our products on animals, neither do our suppliers, and they never will. Commitment to society is also one of our principles. We ensure the safety and health of all our workers. Every year, we pass several Ethical Audits, such as SMETA and ICS, obtaining the highest scores.

We strive to make decisions that help reduce our impact on the environment. We believe that excessive packaging does not translate into more beautiful products. Therefore, our packaging is recyclable, simple and standard to reduce waste and facilitate the recycling process. The boxes are FSC certified and printed with vegetable-based inks, without mineral oil. And, to reduce the carbon footprint, packaging is sourced directly from Spanish or European suppliers.

Make Skin Care fun again!

With Numee, the beauty routine will not be an obligation, but the best moment of the day.



No more laziness, hello pampering and care for your face. With our pleasant textures and scents, your daily care routine will no longer be an imposition but a reward.

Sensory products

In our products we try to involve different textures, scents and even sounds to create a movie skincare session.

Inclusion and diversity

Every skin is different and so is your beauty routine. At Numee you will always find the products that match your skin at all times.

respect your skin 

respect your skin 

respect your skin 

respect your skin 

respect your skin