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Moisturized skin 24/7

Moisturized skin 24/7

Moisturized skin 24/7

Moisturized skin 24/7

Moisturized skin 24/7

Get Hydrated 24/7

Get Hydrated 24/7

Get Hydrated 24/7

Get Hydrated 24/7

Get Hydrated 24/7

Your skin is asking for a

hydration dose

Not too dry, not too oily… your skin is balanced . This skin type is characterized by a soft and smooth texture, with barely perceptible pores and hardly any impurities. Does this mean that you should not take care of it? OF COURSE NOT! Normal skin can get dry if it’s properly cared of. So… take note!



Beautiful skin does not appear overnight. It takes commitment and starts with a good cleansing routine.


Get ready to take your skin to the next level. This step is essential to seal in moisture and protect your skin.

Eye Contour

It instantly recharges your eyes with radiance, reduces the apperance of fine lines and smoothes the eye contour.

In the morning protection...

During the day, the skin is constantly exposed to multiple external agents. At this time you need to protect yourself from those and prepare to face the day. These are the assets you need:

START FRESH: Ultra Gentle Revitalizing Facial Cleanser

  • Prebiotics: Used for the protection and biostimulation of the skin’s natural defenses.
  • Electrolytes: Help stimulate cell regeneration and boost radiance.


  • Vegetable collagen: Promotes skin hydration and softness.
  • Peptides: Reduces dark circles, diminishes dark circles and makes the eye contour look brighter.
Hidrata y protege tu piel con los productos Numee y prepárate para afrontar el día

And at night repair

During the night, the skin enters a state of regeneration and repair, as the rhythms are slower and it is not subjected to as many external agents as during the day, thus assimilating the treatments we apply better. It is the perfect time to offer your skin intensive and effective actives to address the specific needs of your skin.

In this case, our routine will be: START FRESH + PAUSE + 1UP

START FRESH: Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser (See features in day routine)

PAUSE: Facial Perfecting Cream

  • Bakuchiol: With high antioxidant power, it helps to improve skin firmness and elasticity, in addition to improving tone and radiance.
  • Niacinamide: Acts as a protector against oxidative stress. Decreases melanin synthesis and reduces hyperpigmentation.

1UP: Multi-Active Eye Cream (See features in day routine)