Beauty 3.0: The influence of social networks

Beauty 3.0: The influence of social networks

Every day it is recurring to hear about the influence of social networks in our lives, but it is still curious to know how they can influence us.

Today we talk about beauty 3.0. Social networks have changed the social paradigm. They have become the backbone of society, making it possible for anyone to become an editor, director and owner of their own communication channel.


This heterogeneous way of understanding communication has really changed our habits, a clear example of this is the last Olympic runner-up javelin, Kenyan athlete Julius Yego. He learned and improved his launch technique thanks to tutorials on YouTube. This simple way where the information comes to us can make us experts on any subject and be curious about issues that at first would not generate interest.

Within the content offered by networks such as Instagram and YouTube, personal care is one of the most requested topics by Internet users. There are dozens of channels dedicated to beauty and personal care, and millions are the audiences that can generates. The diversity of channels and the different ways of communicating have captured the attention of the people. The interest in consuming this type of content cannot be explained without the existence of social networks.

Beauty 3.0. is not a stereotyped market anymore. Statistics have always been on the side of women, but now men are also the ones who are interested in consuming this type of content and even generating by themselves. Beauty channels dedicated to men are growing exponentially on YouTube, Beard care, nutrition, fashion trends and skin care, are increasingly demanded by the male sector. In conclusion, the range of contents in regard to personal care is almost infinite.


This fact is very important for brands, which are using social networks to promote their products as a priority aspect. Therefore, influencers have become authentic beauty gurus that monopolize all the spotlights. As a result, a simple photo of a influencer with a personal care product, can generate thousands of sales and turn a product into trend.

Everything seems to be a perfect engineering, a mechanism that contemplates all the factors, creators of content, audience, brands and consumers, but a small slip can break years of work and positioning. Both brands and influencers must be meticulous when they choose each other. Known are the cases in which a renowned influencer decides to collaborate with a brand to promote a product. However, the product becomes his main enemy, either because of its low quality or because it does not fulfill what it promises, losing all future credibility of his audience.

On the other hand, cases where brands bet on an influencer to represent the image of the company, until the influencer give an unfavorable public image away from the company guideline. Social networks are a very useful tool to communicate but are the true reflection of society.



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